Monday, April 27, 2015

What?! A zit! It’s the wedding day!

 Have no fear ladies! Here is a little guidance to prepare and what to do if a breakout occurs. I suffered, from cystic acne. Acne in my 30’s is way worse than when I was a teenager because I would get these seemingly harmless little cysts, but after a day or two they would turn into this huge thing!! After learning about natural remedies as a health consultant I have no more acne! Yay!

In addition to daily cleansing, toning, and moisturizing, here is a list of 6 preventative remedies, and 3 immediate knock-out solutions. Start now with prevention!! The best way to keep your skin healthy and acne free is from the inside out!

    1.    Vitamin C

    2.    Vitamin  A

         3.    Zinc

  These are Preventatives, take daily. Vitamin A retinal from and C are essential to keeping skin clear, healthy,  and young while improving the strength of your immune system.


4.   Bowellia – Preventative, take daily. (also known as frankincense) You many have heard of frankincense, but this is her twin sister and meant to be taken internally. This is a remarkable supplement and helps heal and maintain healthy skin in many ways. It is a healing herb that also helps stress from causing acne breakouts.

       5.   Sulfur—Preventative, take on occasion, or every day.  I would take this right as a noticed a cyst appearing. Sulfur helps balance and minimizes bacteria. 

    6.  Chromium —Preventative, take daily. Chromium helps balance and detox the body. 

 Make sure to not forget to take Boswellia and Zinc when your wedding is getting close so the added stress does not cause a break-out!!

  OK now let’s talk about the solutions for the acne you woke up with now, today, or a week before!

1.       RAW Apple cider vinegar -- only use raw. Braggs is a good one. This was my secret weapon! For cystic acne and preventing the cyst from growing and this kills the bacteria right away under the skin.  ONLY use a very small amount on a q-tip and rub on the cyst a little firm but quick. This will make the skin pink so do not use too much. Now the cyst will not get huge and take over your face!


2.       Comfrey Cream— Comfrey is a powerful instant healing plant! Almost instant healing when applied.  Find the best and safest, Comfrey cream for acne (here) 
3.       Tea tree oil— When used before comfrey cream, it kills bacteria and then the comfrey help heal and minimize the beakout. 

AND---Do not over-do it! These are not miracle solutions, but I hope that they will help minimize your breakout. 

Yay! You are getting married and it is going to be spectacular girl!

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