Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Free Flora Bond rosette pdf tutorial - pattern giveaway!

PDF Giveaway is closed! Thank you to all who entered!

-Honestly there is really no big secret to my rosettes, just a few helpful tips. Everyone makes them different even if using the same method. (hard work, and practice :) I have shown my mother, my sister, and a few friends and they do not turn out like mine.

- Enter your email address and tell me what you would like to make with your rosettes. If you want to keep that a secret, just tell me your favorite Flora Bond design.

- You get the pattern for the Flora Bond Too necklace pictured, that includes instructions for rosette designs #1 and #2 (out of my 5 rosette designs)

- I will not be offering any other necklace patterns or rosette tutorials

- No cash value
-I cannot promise a perfect rosette.
-Pattern cannot be shared with anyone unless I give permission. This pattern is proctected by copyright laws, You understand, :)

- Ends March 29Th

-I was going to sell this pattern, thought it would be more fun to give it away.

- There will be many winners (3-5) depending on how many enter and what you say in your entry.


  1. Love this! I'm a scrapbooker and love, love, LOVE the flowers that Prima Marketing comes out with. But they can be expensive so I'm determined I can make them myself. I've attempted to make these rolled flowers and think they have turned out okay, but there must be a better, faster way than what I am doing. They take me forever to make! Would love to win your tutorial and create the *perfect* rosette!

  2. Email : 098585c@Acadiau.ca

    I love the rosettes ! I would totally use them to add to my purses and wallets that I make. Also I think it would be really cool make them into hair clips, bobby pins or thumb tacks ! So many ideas....

  3. The rosettes are beautiful & I adore your necklaces. I would love to embellish some of my plain t-shirts and sweaters to give them more of a J. Crew look. I'd also add them to purses and maybe even to some of my pillows! I would love to win the tutorial...pick me, pick me!!!

    e-mail: lstudio@live.com

  4. I love, love, LOVE your flowers! They are so gorgeous and I would love to have the pattern. I would use them for hair clips, headbands, shoe clips, shirt embellishments, cards, and necklaces. (I love to craft!) The poetic dream necklace is my favorite. I want to win! March 29th is soooo far away!!! Thanks!

  5. What a fantastic tutorial to have!! I'd love to make some rosettes to embelish hats, handbags, bracelets, and rings! Thank you for offering your secret to perfect flowers for free!

  6. Eeek! *super excited*
    You say there's no big secret to your flowers, but yours are the prettiest on all of etsy! (I know, I've searched and searched!)

    I want to learn to make them for a line of nostalgic farmhouse style little girl accessories. I've been saving up my gingham and feedsack fabrics for just such a project!
    Also, I love making feather fascinators for all my dressy outfits, but my fabric roses are so lame! (You saw the pictures!)

    I would be FOREVER grateful for a piece of your infinite rose-making wisdom!


  7. Oh my goodness! I've been in blogland the past few days and just came across yours - don't even remember how, but so glad I did. Your jewelry is divine. I'd love to learn your trick I'm order to embelish t- shirts, pillows and posie baskets. You'll be heartbroken to hear that I don't have a favorite... I have 7 favorites. Be Unforgettable, Poetic Daydream, Delicate Texture, Love Serenade, Sparkle Philosophy, Blooming Lemon Meringue, and Seriously Racy! LOVE 'EM!

    Truly from Issaquah (trulyandjohn.hauser@comcast.net)

  8. I think my most favorite necklace is Blooming Lemon Meringue. I need to get together with you sometime to design my headband or necklace, or brooch. I'm not sure what I want yet. I just can't decide. Oh, and the clasp for the braclet you made, somehow it broke. It was the type where there is a stick that hooks into a circle. The stick is gone. Can it be fixed?

  9. Yes, Leerlee, It lasted a long time, I have one more of those left, will set it aside for you. :)

  10. I agree- you DO have the prettiest rosettes on Etsy. Just divine. I have many uses in mind for the rosette pattern but right now I have one particular item I need to spruce up. I have two curtain tie-backs in my bedroom and they are just plain gray strips. They are okay, but a bit boring. I would love to make matching/contrasting rosettes in a cluster to liven them up a bit. Those little details make all the difference, as you clearly know. :)

    Oh! I also would like to try dressing up some vintage heels with fancy rosette shoe-clips.

  11. I love how super-feminine your rosettes are! I love making new things and would love to make a wall hanging for my living room. My decor is black and ivory and I have a collage of frames, shelves, pictures, and knick-knacks that need something soft and textured.

  12. Thanks everyone! So many kind words, :)

  13. My daughter told me the other day that she wanted a flower necklace (real flowers... in the winter :D she's so cute). And then I saw your blog entry (I came from your etsy shop - I WILL be contacting you for a wedding piece in the near future) and thought how perfect it would be to make her a rosette lai-type necklace (made with just the rosettes sewn end to end in a big ole circle). So, that is my reasoning behind entering your pattern giveaway. :)

    Your necklaces are stunning. :D

    Email: ama.saint@gmail.com

  14. Hello,
    I could not choose one I luv & want them all!They r so,so Beautiful,so to win your tut would be fabulous,I found u thru Etsy,I just opened my Shoppe,so if I won your tut I wondered if you wouldnt mind an autograph on mine,being your handmade gifts are all over the world I would be honored to have your tut,I have always tried to find my own niche as a crafter,but as I say....I may craft most things,but master of.....none,(maybe someday I will figure somethin out)but to win a tut from as accompolished "Artist" as yourself,I would be honored,but if not thats ok too,there will be from what I can see lots of responses,& there should be your Gifts of Beauty R that Beauties!
    So I will Heart u in my Etsy & add u to my Favorites,Hey Thanx for having the Giveaway(thats really kool).There r no words to say,each one a suprise to behold,they r all just to Fascinating! As I said I would have to have them all!

  15. Just found your etsy site and then your blog with the giveaway! WOW I simply love these kind of necklaces. I have 2 that are my favorite. I couldn't choose just one. On your already sold items. Tribal Pretty LOVE that chain. where did you find it? #2 Seriously Racy and Romantic. I love that shade of fabric. A color I can wear. Also, I like that chain. I have never seen it before either. But then I am new to the jewelry and such scene. Beautiful. Thanks for the contest. Lora

  16. Wow! Just found your blog and glorious creations, they are BEAUTIFUL! I would love to have a tutorial, as I love to craft bits from fabric. I think that I would use them on quilted items and small curiosities. I just love to create with fabric and see what comes of it. My favorite pieces that you have made would be the Silk Fusion and Open The Gate necklaces, simple and striking. May you be blessed with a spring soon.

  17. I would love to learn how to make rosettes! I'm a quilter and I have lots of lovely cottons in my stash. I love to add rosettes to my tote bags and quilted purses! Thanks for sharing!

  18. There are so many things I want to create with a rosette. Where do I began... a ring, a brooch, some necklaces, a pendant, headbands, keychains and maybe a few clips. It would be the best pattern for me to be able to create beautiful gifts for my friends and family. Also these rosettes would make great shower gifts, baby or wedding. Thanks for the chance.



  19. I just found you on Esty as I was looking for a flower bib necklace for my strapless wedding dress. Your work is amazing. Anyway as I am looking at the detail in your work I thought - How the hell does she do the flowers and pow like magic I found your blog! So here I am in total amazement asking for your free rosette pdf. Bubbles4u90@hotmail.com

  20. I stumbled upon your blog and etsy shope quite by accident this evening. Your designs are amazing!!! My favorite is the Romantic Silver Screen. Thank you so much for the rosette tutorial. What will I make? Headbands for my daughter. You are very generous. What a treat!! msegura2@comcast.net

  21. I live in Australia and there's nothing like the rosettes over here. If I won the tutorial I could make some rosettes for family and friends and loads for myself! I'd be able to have something and give something which no one else has, which would be the best thing of all. (Sorry for being anonymous but I don't have a blog, just an email, which is timbron99@yahoo.com). Thank you Flora Bond.

  22. I am a creative little speckle who also doesn't have a blog and who also lives in Australia.

    My favorite Flora Bond piece is the Young Romance statement headband, which, alas is already sold. Its my favorite because of the beautiful colours and the fabrics used. I love pearls and its size, not too big but not too small - just the right statement to make!

    If I won the tutorial I'd simply make a lovely piece for Flora Bond (as a thank you), a few for myself, my sister and niece who live abroad and my mum at home, and some for my beautiful little 14 month old daughter. Who, undoubtedly would try to rip the rosettes off but as mama is a good sewer would be unable to!

    My email is thecreativespeckle@yahoo.com.au

  23. Dear Flora Bond: You are an exceptionally talented and savvy business woman! I applaud you on both accounts. I love the look and style of your rosettes. If selected for your free PDF give-a-way I would love to make and present the mother's in my life a special Mother's Day keepsake.

    PS, by the way, your line would be a fabulous fit for this boutique I visited in LA last week ... Polkadots & Moonbeams - Vintage. Be sure and visit their website at: http://polkadotsandmoonbeams.com/vintage/

    Fingers crossed on both accounts,
    Lizzie (tangocreative@hotmail.com)

  24. I would love to learn how to make these! I have a vision of a cool cuff and these flowers would be fun...I also want to repurpose some old t-shirts. I would love to win!

  25. ps. my email address is ashleelmiller at gmail {DOT} com

  26. I have been a huge fan of your necklaces..... I make belt buckles and repurposed clothing. These flowers look like they were made to be appliqued onto a jacket... I have looked and tried several tutorials online and I keep going back to your flowers.... You just cant mess with perfection... Thanks for considering me. Mrsroycom@aol.com

  27. I was searching for inspiration on etsy and found your site, and of course had to visit your blog! I'm trying to make my sister a birthday gift, and failing pretty miserably. I would love, love, love to use your tutorial to make my sister's gift- and I'm sure my sister would love to not have to wear the bib necklace that I'm currently working on :)

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