Friday, April 30, 2010

My feet love me when......

My feet love me when -- I wear these vintage black beauties with black suede bows and gold accents. I Put these shiny babies on and my feet look dainty and elegant.

YES! Its tulle! for the feet!!
My feet love me when -- I slip into these new old stock 50's pale blue slippers with their rising tulle and millinery flowers pointing to heaven. When I am feeling like I need a girly pick me up, I just slip these on with my pink 50's night gown and house coat. But, remember to wear your lipstick when you have something like this on....a true lady does not have a pale lip when wearing tulle slippers. LOL

My feet love me when -- I rock these babies! Frye boots and shoes have been around for ages! I love the new sandals they have come out within the last few years. I know, these were a pretty penny for sure. Spent my birthday money on these last year, sooo worth it. ( "You got what!?, for how much!?")

My feet love me when -- I run after the kids in these 70's sweets instead of my tall Frye sandals. LOL!

Check out these fun vintage shops on Etsy to find something your feet will love!


  1. So gorgeous, darling!
    Especially loving the first pair!


  2. Hi I was just at the IF mall & was looking through a jewelry magazine & fell in love with the article you did! Then I google you & see you live in Idaho ... Maybe Idaho falls? Anyway great style - do you teach classes??

  3. I have been thinking about teaching classes, was thinking of having a "workshop" with a lunch. If you got at least 10 ladies to sign up, I would do one here in Idaho Falls. :)

  4. I have a club called Ladies Activity Club that we could do a class for. Can you come up with a price & what we would need to bring & what we would learn? You can email mr at

    I'm 9 months prego so I won't be able to do it for a bit, so not a huge rush. Thanks!