Friday, June 11, 2010

Peace, Popcorn, and a Playsuit......

It was summer 1983 at my neighbors house, I was being babysat by three teenagers. I remember this day vividly due to the events that took place-- at some point the teenagers decided to make popcorn in a pot style popcorn maker. While the popcorn was popping, they thought it was funny to lift the lid off and let the popping popcorn fly out all over the kitchen. I am standing about 8-10 feet away wearing my pink cotton playsuit (of course I remember what I was wearing!) and laughing at the flying popcorn. All of a sudden a popcorn kernel flies toward me and lands right between my pointer finger and my middle finger and burns my skin. I remember just staring at the kernel while it was burning me not know what to do. Eventually I get a band aid and some ice on it, but could not close my my fingers together. I had to keep my fingers spread holding a perpetual peace sign for a week! (I still have the scars too!)  LOL

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Nicole :)

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