Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Color Inspiration---- Playing around with Platinum, Silver, and Copper...

Not only do I love color, soft lovely colors, but more than anything it's all about texture! Don't you love the texture of vintage keys, oh, and that copper ring from Anthropologie with it's crevices and sparkle!
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  1. I should be working but instead got caught up in my bridal blog perusals. need my fix!

    Love the necklace, the pale peachy tones! Yumm...
    Or maybe they are not peachy at all! And anything vintage, starting with me I am so over the hill it's pathetic. The best part of that is not pedaling, it's a free ride downhill. I assume the photograph is of you. A stunning creature you are. Not the scary kind. The wonderful,stupendously gorgeous, you'll never see another one like it kind of creature, as in God;s creature, does that word come from creation? he did good!

    Ok off to work.

  2. Just found your blog - so pretty you should update it more :)

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