Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A new blog needs new photos of the studio!

Yes, I love vintage, I should take a picture of the rest of the room, because the rest is modern with touches of vintage. The photo below is my eating area with some modern and vintage prints in contemporary frames. The studio table is very contemporary/vintage , with clean lines but I sit in a cute painted vintage chair!

OK, I cleaned a bit for you, shoved everything over to fit in the photo. I open up all the old jewelry boxes to get my creative juices flowing. The favorites are on top, only the lucky designs get these!

Helpers are very important! My kids tend to just want to throw my beads, these two pretty ladies are a little more helpful. Maggie, on the left, loves her hair piece and is always willing to give advice.

A big pile of lace and trim are in a old hat box, baking in the studio until they are "ready".

Boxes of beads are waiting for their appearance! You look more organized when you take a close-up picture LOL!

I love the look of stacked fabric, I color coordinate them in stacks. They also happen to look pretty this way also. Little wooden lady in red and the milk man are having an affair (which I do not approve of ) and need to hide out in the studio. I might have to split these two up!


  1. You have a dream work space my dear!! Simply amazing. Just like your creations.

  2. I can't wait to have my own work space! You space is lovely and functional. I know you have fun there :)