Friday, June 19, 2009

The very first...

The very first sale! I loved these vintage earrings I added a few beads and hooks, They had been sitting around for years, found at an estate sale. I remember rummaging through all this vintage jewelry not really caring, not knowing the amazing find in front of me. Paid $1.50 for them. Just to buy something because I was stuck there with my dad. LOL, Now I remember, this guy, kinda cute, was looking at the jewelry also, He had picked up these earrings and a few other things, set them down together and kept looking, I figured they must be really cool ( and I did like to flirt.). So I tried to snatch them and he noticed , "do you want these?" and I said yes, and did my pretty walk to the register. LOL, I do not remember if I got his number or not.


  1. just saw all your beautiful jewelry on etsy! oh so pretty!

  2. These are just stunning! Good work!


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