Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bestow thee a Flora Bond Brooch .......................................................................((giveaway))

OK, so I am a little sick of hearing the word "giveaway", not having one, or entering one, I just hear the word soooo much. It needs a new name. LOL

I am going to call this one, "Bestow Thee a Flora Bond Brooch" to three Lucky winners.

Just enter your email address and follow my blog. ( If you do not want leave your email address, just leave a comment and I will post the winners on June 29th, so check back to see if you have won.) Yep, that is all!

One entry per person.

Ends on June 29th

Good Luck, xoxoxo

Nicole :)

Friday, May 21, 2010

My Friday night date -- Tulle! oh, yes!

I could sit and stare for hours at these dresses, only if I could also caress the lovely fabrics and tulle's.

This is a post card called-- Pretty Dresses by DarlingSavage on Etsy

( New design sneak peek, 1/2 finished)

Tulle, oh tulle, how I adore thee!

You will find this "wow" vintage black prom dress  : The Peek-A-Boo Black Prom Dress -- zwzzy 

Yes, tulle is in my of my favorites is this bubblegum pink tulle prom dress with a large tulle bow wrap! oh, my tulleness!

Of course I had to include this fluffy number by Bonzie : Tea Length Tiered Tulle Skirt

Tulle is: Fluffy, Puffy, Voluminous, soft, stiff, boisterous, and vintage, girl, very vintage!

 Soft pink, pretty lady, prom dress: Vintage Pale Pink Gunne Sax Bustier Dress -- marionkc 

Tulle dates back to the early 18th century, like I said, tulle is very vintage. Wear it proudly ladies!

The "get noticed" vintage black tulle hat: Vintage hat - 1970's Studio 54, -- PranceAndSwagger

 Bombshell pink lace and tulle prom dress: Vintage 1950's Young Love Dress, -- deargolden

(small photo) -- my favorite vintage wedding dress of all! I enjoy visiting this lovely dress in my closet, and playing dress up in her layers and layers of bouncy tulle.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The The Pied Piper Marionettes & Flora Bond..(sneak peek)

Here is just a a small taste of the Pied Piper Marionettes featuring a few of my pieces (and many other designers as well) designed just for this photo shoot. I can barely contain myself! Can you? All the pieces designed for this shoot turned out Fab! I love the big blue puff with yellow feathers on the model in the back!

(The black and purple flower hair piece in front is one of the Flora Bond designs)

Monday, May 10, 2010


The sweet little white ruffled eyelet top you will find (( Here ))
Oh! and the cute cream and butter top is on sale (( Here ))

This lovely little number above is handmade by Alexandra Grecco on Etsy,
take a peek at her shop (( Here ))

Lovin this vintage summer top in white eyelet, to die for!!
Buy it (( Here )) before I, or someone else does! oops, too late!

Want to add some vintage flair to your spring and summer wardrobe? Wear some eyelet....

Friday, May 7, 2010

Introducing….my Lazy Susan…

Here she is, my special helper, Lazy Susan. Not only does she turn around and hold my ingredients, she has style! With her ceramic blue and cream dishes, made to fit perfectly together, and nice swirly shape, I cannot live without her! When I need a pin to hold my fabric together, just a turn and there they are!