Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Winners Announced!!

Layer Cake Wedding Necklaces

Everyone was given a number and then I cut out your number for every entry. For example-- liz ( #34)  had 3 entries, so I added number 34 to the bowl 3 times. Then I had a friend mix them up vigorously and  choose one out of the bowl. 

Aik - I bestow upon thee a Layer Cake Necklace!!

Kari and Steve - A Layer Cake Necklace is yours!!

Thank you to everyone who entered! 

Nicole :)

Friday, March 11, 2011

New studio pictures, come on in!

What inspires you? 

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Nicole :)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Ladies!! Flora Bond is wanting to bestow upon two lucky winners a lovely necklace!! (P.S. It's a giveaway!)

This week is filled with actually 3 giveaways, continue reading for all the frills (info)...

Layer Cake Bridal Necklace, Layer #3

Layer Cake Bridal Necklace, Layer #5

Two lucky people will get to choose their very own Layer of Cake (it's a necklace) a $125 value in the colors of your choice! Yes, even pink!

I was taught that you have to work for what you get, and you will have to work a bit harder then just a little comment on a blog to win, sorry ladies. Show me what you've got! This will be fun!

How to enter:

-Follow my blog (yes you have to be a follower :) xo )

-Comment on this blog about the items in my shop = 1 entry
-Tweet it = 1 entry
-Facebook it = 1 entry
-Follow me on Facebook = 1 entry
Follow me on Twitter = 1 entry
-Blog about it = 2 entries
-Tell a friend on Facebook by posting on their wall about the giveaway = 2 entries
-Tell a friend on twitter by starting with @soandso there is a giveaway at... = 2 entries
-Grab my button and place it on your blog for at least one month = 2 entries

All entries will be placed in a vintage hat and one winner will be picked out of the hat.
 Whoever has the most entries will win the second necklace. If there is more then on person with same amount of entries, they will be placed in a hat and one will be chosen from the lot.


-Every time you add an enrty you must come back and post on this blog about it and post a link to your blog, twitter, etc.

-You are welcome to send some of the entries to my email if you do not want to share all of them to the world:

-There is no cash value, you win a necklace. Not cash.

-Winner will be chosen on March 15th at midnight

- Your necklace will arrive in 3-4 weeks

P.S. There is a giveaway for a Romantic Silver Screen Star on the Budget Savvy Bride also this week!

Nicole :)